Surferosa rocks the US

The undisputed rulers of Norwegian thrashpop, Surferosa are fast making new friends in the US. The collective is in the midst of a US/Canadian tour supporting the Killers and the audience reception has been formidable so far.

Surferosa live

The tour, which began on October 1st and ends on the 18th, takes the band to Norfolk, Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Columbus and Los Angeles. Says Mariann Thomassen to (the official Norwegian web-site in the United States): “It’s a bizarre experience being here. We were supporting the Killers in Britain earlier this year, and one of the band members suggested to us after a gig that we join them to the States. I thought it was just something he said, but here we are.”


Surferosa have yet to negotiate a record deal for the North American territory, but judging from the audience reception at their US shows, a deal could no be too far off. What remains certain is that the collective will not sign any contract with the first suitor. Says Mariann: ”We said “no” to Virgin in Sweden because we didn’t feel we had creative control in the contract they offered us. If we get signed, it’ll be on our terms.”

I the wake of Surferosa’s US shows the message board at is buzzing with words of encouragement and plain adoration. Some quotes: “Philly loves you Surferosa! Come back soon so you can teach everyone how to rock again! That was one of a hell of a performance you guys put on. You guys are awesome and your show was a blast, hope to see you here again!”

Read more on the – the official Norwegian web-site in the United States that’s run by the Norwegian embassy.
The article covering Surferosa’s very successful Washington DC show is found here.

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