Instruments to Afghan musicians

After learning about the hard conditions Afghan musicians encounter, the Norwegian National Association for Traditional Music and Dance has donated NOK 10 000 (USD 1500, Euro 1200) to instruments for their Afghan colleagues. In January, the Association will also organise a support concert.

Folkemusikkillustrasjon (Foto: Norsk folkemusikk- og Danselag)

The Taliban regime prohibited all but religious music, and burned numerous traditional instruments. Today, these instruments are hard to find. And even though the Talibans are gone, conditions are hard for returning Afghan musicians. A story about this situation on Norwegian TV caught the association’s attention.

“We reacted on what we saw on TV, and wanted to make a contribution to Afghan musicians, says Magnar Sundt, managing director of the Norwegian National Association for Traditional Music and Dance.

The association has contacted several organisations in Afghanistan, and is deciding on who to co-operate with. In addition to the support concert, the association is also considering a musical collaboration between Norway and Afghanistan.

“I will encourage other organisations to provide instruments to musicians in Afghanistan”, says Sundt.

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