46664 Arctic: "The Mandela Concert"

The list of performing artists for the 46664 Arctic concert is getting longer and more impressive every day.

46664 - Nelson Mandela

The 46664 Concert to be held in Tromsø on June 11th is an international event that takes place as a musical gathering to create a spearhead of attention in the ongoing battle against AIDS.
The event takes its name from Nelson Mandela’s Robben island inmate number, which has become a symbol of the unwavering human spirit, and Mr. Mandela has in the past few years become the global figurehead of the battle against AIDS.

The inaugural 46664 Concert took place in Cape Town in 2003. The upcoming one in Tromsø calls itself 46664 Arctic, and will be attended and addressed by Mr Mandela himself. Adding to the impressive artistic line-up, this secures a very high degree of international attention, entailing TV-broadcasts to at least fifty countries.

The concert’s list of artists is composed with a set of things in view: primarily the goal is to assemble a blend of big international names whose performances will be symbolic efforts in the AIDS struggle. As always stars are instrumental in bringing attention to a cause, and by performing at 46664 these artists lend their names and their art to the struggle against AIDS. Along with the superstars the concert will also feature acclaimed indigenous musicians from various parts of the world, underlining the global nature of the disease. Featuring various joint performances the show aims to constitute novel musical contexts and artistic collaborations.

Hosted in Tromsø the concert is also a Norwegian event, with a Norwegian en place audience, and will therefore also include a range of Norwegian artists, some for whom the concert will be a unique opportunity to reach a much wider audience.

With the so called “Mandela Concert” approaching rapidly, the diverse and increasingly impressive line-up is now almost complete according to Torgeir Aasmo who is in charge. The latest additions of domestic names such as hip-hop duo MadCon, the R&B artists Noora Noor and Samsaya as well as the sweepingly successful singer songwriter Thomas Dybdahl, assures that the event envelopes the full spectrum of its potential Tromsø-audience by also catering specifically to the young.

Approaching completion the list presently reads as follows:

•Annie Lennox
• Brian May
• Peter Gabriel
• Johnny Clegg
• Noora Noor, Tommy Tee og Stephen Simmonds
• Earth Affair
• Adjagas
• Madrugada
• Saybia
• Razorlight
• Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation
• Jivan Gasparyan
• Thomas Dybdahl
• Samsaya
• Madcon
• Zucchero
• Ane Brun
• Sharon Corr
• Angelique Kidjo
• Bongo Maffin
• Kaizers Orchestra
• Anneli Drecker

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