Petter Wettre: Tour de Force

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Petter Wettre’s 'Tour de Force'.

Petter Wettre: Tour de Force (cover)

‘Tour de Force’, whenever this frequently used expression appears –especially as a title- expectations will naturally tend towards the exposition of some species of power. When a jazz record is thus titled, suffice it to say, it’s not a question of “soothing standards.” Petter Wettre is one of Norway’s most renowned jazz musicians. But his reputation goes far beyond this: he has been voted among the top ten jazz musicians in Europe, and he has consistently received the reviews and acknowledgement to justify such a position. On Tour de Force he has teamed up with his mentor and musical hero Dave Liebman. Together these two saxophonic powerhouses truly put on a display of power; -in music wildly contained; aided by a substratum; the deep rolling momentum of bass and drums. For anyone who believes jazz is either infrequent, anomalous tones scattered in profound concentration, melassie-flowing standards, or frisky, silly-season Orleans, this record will change your mind. This is energy: merciless, kick ass force –rock and roll- but deployed within the subtle paradigm of complex dynamics; improvisation and harmony, which is jazz.

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