Wholy Martin: Vampīre Songs

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Wholy Martin's strong debut album "Vampīre Songs".

Helge Martin Framnes (Wholy Martin)

Wholy Martin’s magnum opus “Vampīre Songs” owes a thing or two to the heritage of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds with its confident pace and tempos that are never rushed. Throughout the release the band take their time to get the message across, and despite being a debut album, “Vampīre Songs” appears as a mature album. On “Vampīre Songs” an extended band that features an unusual instrumentation with cellos, trombone, saw, oboe, rotating ashtrays and screeching doors is coupled with strong lyrics courtesy of vocalist and band ideologist Helge Martin Framnes. “Vampīre Songs” bring forth linear pulses, with captivating bass-rich vocals capped off by tasty string ornaments. It took four years to record and produce, but when “Vampīre Songs” now finally finds its way out to a wider audience it is testament of a band with a vision and a will to create a lasting and conceptually integral outing.

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