World Idol Kurt’s most important concert

When Kurt Nilsen tonight goes on stage at Rockefeller, Oslo, he knows that a huge number of international music journalists, booking agents and record companies are staring back at him. The World Idol winner is ready for an international release.

Kurt Nilsen: (cover) I

The retired plumber has left his tools back home in Arne, Bergen. Kurt Nilsen has more than enough to do with his ‘ready-for-take-off’ international career. Nilsen has already guest-stared two talk shows in Holland and Belgium, and now, more European countries are targeted. His album I is ready to be released in Belgium, Holland, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Finland, and Germany.

But first he has to impress everyone at Rockefeller. Yesterday, Nilsen entertained about 1000 people at the same stage. Tonight, he is due for another sold out concert. Nilsen’s manager, Jan Fredrik Karlsen in Playroom Management, has invited shaker makers in the international music industry for a showcase concert with the World Idol.

“I think this is the most important concert in my carrier so far, but I think it will be all right, I was more nervous for the first concert,” Kurt Nilsen said to Norwegian daily, Dagbladet.

During the next month, he is going to Germany, Poland and Austria on a promotion trip, before he returns to Norway for Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian Grammy. Nilsen is nominated in the categories “Song of the year” and “Debut of the year”.

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