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Dagfinn Rosnes

Dagfinn Rosnes (b.1975), completed his studies at the Norwegian State Academy of Music under the supervision of Professor Olav Anton Thommesen in 1999. He regards his own music as "lyrical modernism", where the coherence between text and music plays an important role. He was part of the Norwegian UNM-board (The Young Nordic Music Festival) 1995 - 98, taught choral harmony and modern music at Foss Comprehensive school in Oslo, while working in addition with stage management at the Norwegian State Opera. Presently, he is a freelance composer, and teaches counterpoint and contemporary writing at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. He has collaborated with various ensembles, ranging from solo-pieces through chamber works and electronic music to full orchestral works. He also composed for the theatre piece Kapring (Hi-jacking) which was performed at the Norwegian Theatre in June 1998. In December of the same year, he finally got to stage his chamber opera "Briefe von einer Reise" at Vestbaneteatret in Oslo.

Rosnes has also worked as managing director of the sinfonietta Ensemble Ernst since the autumn of 1996, a position he left at the close of 2001. Since his graduation from the Academy, he has been working with various ensembles and artists, amongst others, Stig Nilsson, Leif Arne Pedersen, Tor Espen Aspaas, Ketil Hugaas, Jerker Dahlin and Bjørn Andor Drage. The grand happening of 2001 was a tour of northern Norway with the ensemble "Musikk i Nordland", centering around an especially commissioned work de Maria Virgine, to be played along with Pergolesi´s Stabat Mater. During the autumn of 2002, Rosnes' work Prélude et Méditation for grand organ had its world premiere in Basel, Switzerland. Rosnes is also working on a new work for performance in Aarhus next year, as well as a piece for Ensemble Ernst in Oslo.

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