Serena Maneesh Opening for Dandy Warhols in Europe

Norwegian shoegazer phenomenon Serena Maneesh could be in for their big break. Massive hype is mounting and now the hailed outfit is set to open for Dandy Warhols on their upcoming European tour.

Serena Maneesh 2 2005

Serena Maneesh’ self-titled debut album was released domestically to rave reviews in August. Influential US music site saw the band at this year’s Øya Festival in Oslo, loved it and has since built up a strong hype. Obviously, the rumour of Oslo’s shoegazer phenomenon has spread as witnessed by the announcement of Serena Maneesh’ upcoming support slot for Dandy Warhols European Tour in October.

Pitchforkmedia’s Matthew Solarski reports: “Dig! it: Norway must totally be the Portland of Scandinavia, as the oft-maligned Dandy Warhols have just enlisted recent Pitchfork infatuation Serena Maneesh to open a dozen gigs on their October-long European tour. Sure Serena's self-titled debut scored over seven times higher than Odditorium or Warlords of Mars--enough to earn them a coveted "BEST NEW MUSIC" tag-- but we mustn't hold that against the Dandys, whose live act allegedly has merits of its own. Beyond Zia's toplessness in the "Boys Better" video, even.

No word yet on whether the Norse noisemongers will be gazing at brand new Dandy Warhols leather Fluevog boots onstage.

The Maneesh management recently told Pitchfork that U.S. labels are showing "healthy interest" in the band, so a stateside Serena Maneesh release seems imminent.”

These are the confirmed tourdates so far:

10-12 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller

10-13 Stavanger, Norway - Folken

10-15 Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Den Atelier

10-16 Munich, Germany - Muffathalle

10-17 Vienna, Austria - Arena

10-19 Zurich, Switzerland - Xtra

10-20 Koln, Germany - Prime Club

10-23 Glasgow, Scotland - Academy

10-25 Manchester, England - Ritz

10-26 London, England - Hammersmith Palais

10-27 Paris, France - Elysee

10-29 Amsterdam, Holland - Max

Wrote Pitchforkmedia’s Nick Sylvester in his Serena Maneesh album revivew: “They get it, Serena Maneesh, their demeanor electric and alternating, built off antagonistic relationships. The band, like the instrument, are apt to prove noise and un-noise are of one cut. To that end, these aren't 11 songs so much as 12 blood-riling arguments.”

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