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Sigmund Lillebjerka

Norwegian composer (02.06.1931-27.07.2015) of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been successfully performed and recorded across Europe. He was primarily self-trained as a composer, but studied privately with numerous composers, including Per Hjort Albertsen, Sigurd Berge, Bjørn Kruse, and Olav Anton Thommessen.

Lillebjerka has received a number of awards, including First and Second prizes from Norwegian Broadcasting, Third Prize from the Sør-Troms og Vesterålen Skolemusikkrets, the Culture Prize from the city of Bodø, and the ILIOS Prize from the ILIOS Festival of Contemporary Music in Harstad.

He has written works for the Bodø Cathedral Choir, the Hemnes Blues and Jazz Festival, the ILIOS Festival of Contemporary Music, the Nordland Music Festival Week, the Osa Festival (Voss), and the Petter Dass Festival. He has also written for the quintet Arctic Brass, the Church of Rønvik, Radio V3 (Brussels), the Trio Valeria, and the Vefsn Ensemble, as well as for numerous soloists.

His works have been performed by the Bodø Sinfonietta, the Nordland Chamber Orchestra, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, the Oslo Philharmonic, the Tromsø Symphony Orchestra, and the Vefsn Ensemble, as well as by various Norwegian military bands. The Bodø Wind Quintet, violinists Elena Denisova and Sveinung Lillebjerka, organist Bjørn Andor Drage, the Ensemble Ricochet (Kyiv, directed by Sergey Pilyutikov), pianists Alexey Kornienko and Mikael Rønnberg, and the Trio Valeria have also performed his works.

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