Frank Tveor Nordensten - Biography

Frank Nordensten (foto: Øyvind Holen)

Frank Tveor Nordensten (1955) was born in Fredrikstad, he began is study of the piano at the age of eleven and was encouraged to persue a recital career. By the age of sixteen, however, he had developed such a compelling interest in church organ that hid studies became concentrated on that instrument. Nordensten feels that possibly the broad tonal pallette of the organ provided the impetus to compose and resulted in his independet acquistion and persistent study of scores and recordings of leading composers. He regards these early influences as being of great importance with regard to his artistic integrity. His juvenilia include three brilliant piano sonatas and several organ works. Nordensten's style soon grew rather avant-garde, but since his output has always been characterized by natural human emotion it is no great wonder that he could produce the remarkable orchestral piece KAKAFONIA while still in his teens.

Nordensten entred the Norwegian State Academy of Music in 1975 and having already completed his organ studies joined the composition class in 1979, where he studied under the inspiring professor Finn Mortensen. symphony No. 2, his largest work to date, brought him his diploma in 1981. While this work is a good example of how his style matured during the late seventies, it is also a good example of how he has always managed to let his personality shine through, regardless of stylistic inflection. He persued further studies in orchestration under Arvid Fladmoe and also with composer/conductor Willem Fr. Bon in Netherlands.

Mr. Nordensten has always preferred to work in the slitude of his own home and this required him to establish his own electronic music studio in 1982, which he has maintained and expanded since. Always fascinated by thechnology he was among the first in Norway to use personal computers in music. While he's been working as a fulltime composer since the early eighties, he's often heard as an organ recitalist as well . He also devotes much of his time to computer programming and is currently working on an algorithmic MIDI composition project for Apple Macintosh personal computers.

Nordensten has been awarded numerous composition prizes and scholarships, the most important being "Klæstad Legat's kunstnerstipend" and "Bærum kommunes kunstnerstipend"

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