Patton and Kaada go live with their 'Romances'

One of the most exiting concerts at this year’s Roskilde festival will surely be the stage debut of Mike Patton and John Erik Kaada’s 'Romances' project.

Kaada / Mike Patton

The collaboration between the notoriously energetic polybandist Patton –associated with Faith no more, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk and Fantomàs- and the no less broadly involved Kaada, resulted in the critically acclaimed album 'Romances' last year.

Now they are preparing for the live performance of the material, and in the hands of Kaada this has amounted to the assembly of a Norwegian all-star team to back the duo.

The set up is going to be a grand one, including two drummers, and due to the complexity of the music, it was, according to Kaada, necessary to involve people who would stand up to the challenge in terms of seriousness and preparation. Says Kaada: It’s not the kind of music to get up and play in front of 14 000 people without proper rehearsals.

The band includes musicians associated with several of Norwegian music’s top acts such as A-ha, Morten Abel, Kaizers Orchestra and Xploding Plastix, several of whom have also been involved with Kaada’s other (domestic) projects.

Kaada himself will be playing various instruments, while Patton will take care of vocals as well as sampling and percussion.

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