Sigurd Eldegard: Hardingfelespel frå Årdal

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Sigurd Eldegard: Hardingfelespel frå Årdal

Sigurd Eldegard: (cover) Hardingfelespel frå Årdal

This album features 20 recordings of traditional Hardanger fiddle tunes from the Årdal district in Western Norway, as played by local master fiddler Sigurd Eldegard during recording sessions in 1949 and 1956. This historically important documentation features village-dance, old-time dance and listening tunes played with Eldegard’s characteristic rough and intense but also elegant hand. Eldegard’s bow strokes are bold and accurate, contrasted by supple and well-placed ornaments, glissandos and expressive vibrato. The short and often simple tunes are built up from small motifs and developed through harmonic and rhythmic embellishment that create quite a few surprises. The material’s strength is its simplicity and the powerful interpretation of master fiddler Sigurd Eldegard.

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