Declining January sales

After a banner year for the Norwegian music industry, January sales figures represent a drop in turnover. Lack of new repertoire and few major releases in January is cited as reasons for the slump in retail sales.

Ane Brun - topping the national album charts

The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that sales are markedly down in January compared to last year: 27% down in volume and 22% in value compared to 2004.

Sales of CD albums are down 26% in volume and 22% in value compared to last January.

Sales of singles are down 42% in volume and 45% in value compared to last year.

DVD Music sales are also down: 23% in volume and 26% in value.

Total sales in January 2005 are 700 000 albums, 34 000 singles and 22 000 Music DVDs resulting in a total turnover of NOK 49m ($ 7,6m/€ 5,8).

The percentage of domestic repertoire sales has also dropped and is now down at 16%.

Lack of repertoire has been cited by many as the main reason for the slump in sales – few major acts have been launched on the Norwegian market in January. Some of the most successful releases so far this year have come from some unlikely chart toppers. Recently, noted jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen went to No. 1 on the national VG Lista Topp 40 album charts with his latest album ‘The Ground’, out now on ECM. This week sees critically acclaimed Stockholm-based Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun topping the album charts with her second album ‘A temporary Dive’ that’s received rave reviews in the domestic press in the last weeks.

Market shares January 2005:

Universal 28,1%
EMI Recorded Music 19,1%
Sony BMG 17,7%
Warner 12,6%
Tuba 4,6%
Master Music /Naxos 4,4%
Bonnier Amigo 3,8%
VME 3,4%
Playground 3,3%
MO 2,4%
KKV 0,4%
Bare Bra / Tylden 0,3%

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