Fredrik Glans - Biography

Fredrik Glans was born in Stockholm on February 17th 1966. Originally, Glans was trained as a ballet dancer, a profession that was to lead him to Norway. In 1984 he relocated to Oslo to join the Norwegian National Ballet.

1986 saw a shift of career for Glans - he decided to devote his life to music. Initially, Glans would take private lessons with composer Ragnar Söderlind. Later studies followed at the Norwegian State Academy of Music’s composer’s course with Prof. Olav Anton Thommessen as his main tutor.

Fredrik Glans has always had a great interest in music for the theatre and the possibilities of the stage. This interest is evident in his list of production which includes among other works, music for two ballets, two musicals and two chamber operas based on short stories by Swedish author August Strindberg. He has also composed works for string orchestra and various chamber ensembles.

In addition to his compositional career, Fredrik Glans has also asserted his position as an administrator. He has served as Director of the Norwgeian Section of ISCM and Secretary General of the Norwegian Artists’ Council. Since 2001 Glans has held the position of head of the Cultural House in the municipality of Asker, south of Oslo.

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