Norwegian sounds in US capital

A diverse selection of Norway’s finest can be found in Washington D.C. on Dec. 8 as Minor Majority, Bjørn Berge and Furia hit the stage in the American capital.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Bjørn Berge’s Illustrated Man single
Listen to more tracks or buy Bjørn Berge’s Illustrated Man album


December 8 marks the Norwegian cultural festival, Norwegian Christmas at Union Station arranged by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington. For the sixth year in a row, the Embassy brings a distinctly Norwegian holiday experience to the US capital with a wide range of cultural events, exhibitions and concerts that aim at showcasing what modern Norway is all about.

The music on display showcases a cross-section of some of the best contemporary Norwegian pop/rock and blues bands: Minor Majority, Bjørn Berge and Furia play the Black Cat i Washington during this cultural festival. To describe the acts, we have stolen some of the Embassy’s phrases:

The Royal Norwegian Embassy proudly presents the cream of Norwegian rock music at a one-night only event. Be sure to catch the following bands performing at the Black Cat on December 8:

Bjørn "Mr. Stringmachine" Berge - one of Norway's foremost guitarists and blues musicians is a full band all by himself. Armed only with his guitars, a harmonica and a stomping foot, Berge is sure to sweep the audience off its feet.

Furia - Depeche mode meets Björk meets A-ha when this five-piece all-girl band from Western Norway strut their industrialized, fuzz-guitar stuff. With their incredible stage presence and their gift for blending loud guitars with beautiful melodies and harmonies, Furia has set sail to becoming Scandinavia's "next big thing".

Minor Majority - Fans of Nick Drake and Elliot Smith are sure to find a tune or two to whistle after hearing the acoustic beauty of this melancholic Oslo-based trio.

Following their US debut in Washington, Minor Majority will continue to New York for a gig at The Parkside Lounge on December 11.

More info can be found at MIC’s event calendar.

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