Magma 2002

Magma 2002 Berlin is a special edition of Nordic Music Days, the biennial festival celebrating the riches of Nordic contemporary music. Organised by the Norwegian Society of Composers, for the first time in history the festival will be held outside the Nordic region, in Berlin.

Norwegian composer Olav Anton Thommessen

The theme of Magma 2002 Berlin, which runs from November 23 to December 1, 2002, is the contrast between Nordic landscapes and urban life. Some of the leading international, German and Scandinavian ensembles will be on hand to perform works of today’s Nordic composers in settings throughout Berlin. The festival combines a mix of orchestral music, chamber music, concerts in club venues, seminars, exhibitions and new media presentations – all allowing audiences the chance to get acquainted with Nordic music on multiple levels.

In co-operation with HarrisonParrott Artist and Project Management, Magma 2002 Berlin promises to combine the established with the fresh, the traditional with the experimental – the continental with the exotic.

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