Vidar Sandbeck: Jordbærstrå / En fergemanns vise

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with the re-issues of Vidar Sandbeck’s two classic albums 'Jordbærstrå' and 'En fergemanns vise'.

Vidar Sandbeck: En fergemanns vise (cover)

Songwriter, novelist and a veritable cultural institution in his own might. This two-volume heart-warming collection of mostly previously unreleased tunes from the pen of Vidar Sandbeck will for many Norwegians conjure up images of childhood radio shows, the first TV-series for kids or a quiet moment with one of his much-loved books. Vidar Sandbeck was a man of many talents; he was a gifted songwriter, a trained violinist, an entertainer for young and old as well as a literary writer. With his quiet, warm, modest and down-to-earth appearance he was a mainstay in national media for decades. Several of the tunes have only seen one previous performance, often live on national radio or TV, and have since not been available for a wider audience. Finally, the legacy of Sandbeck can now be appreciated by new generations of listeners that can enjoy more than 100 songs from one of Norwegian cultural life’s most likable voices.

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