Surferosa go Japan

Having caused quite a stir in the UK, Surferosa are bound for Japan to launch their "Shanghai My Heart" album.

Surferosa live

Come June 17, Surferosa board their flight for the land of the rising sun to, according to their press releases; continue their campaign to save the world from everything grey and dull. The colourful, 80s pastiche, punk/glam/disco outfit have already established a loyal following in Scandinavia and in the UK with their “Shanghai My Heart” album and high-energy live shows.

Vital and charismatic front-woman, gym-suit clad power plant Mariann Thomassen wild stage antics have caused some mixed receptions during the band’s recent UK tour: ”The Brits are actually afraid of me. They think I’m spooky and quite a lunatic. If the audience backs off during our gigs, I follow them, even if I end up singing in the middle of the crowd. When we play, the audience believes we’ve totally lost it – we might as well be from another planet” says an energetic Mariann to Norwegian daily VG.

Following yet another UK tour in late May/June, Surferosa are bound for Japan to promote the launch of their acclaimed “Shanghai My Heart” album (Versity). The buzz is already mounting according to Surferosa’s Mariann: “It seem like the Japanese are really looking forward to us coming over. The Japanese love all that’s fun, energetic, colourful and weird. It’ll be a major kick!”

Surferosa manager, Knut Pleym is positive on the outlook for the band’s Japanese campaign:”We have great faith in Japan as a market for Surferosa. We’ve worked hard to make front-woman Mariann visible, and we can now start to reap the benefits from these efforts.”

Surferosa’s debut album has been well received in the difficult UK territory, having sold more than 10 000 units since its launch in mid April. Surferosa are signed to the Swedish/British label Versity Music.

Says Pleym on the album’s UK reception:”Surferosa has been given a lot of press in the UK. The industry is aware of the band and most have heard or read about the band. The album has been given all kinds of reviews, from rave ones to very negative ones. It creates a buzz and the interest is increasing.” Kerrang Magazine were sold with the Norwegian collective and awarded their Neon Commando EP five out of five stars and declared “Surferosa are poised to rule the world!”

Surferosa will tour the UK from May 25 to June 8 and head for Japan on June 17.

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