Motorpsycho: The Tussler

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Motorpsycho: The Tussler. Norway’s renowned rock favourites have dug out their boots, cowboy hats and a tiny banjo. The result is an astonishing raw and energetic album, a true collector’s item. As the tusslers say, “I don’t have to own a horse to take a ride.”

The International Tussler Society: (cover) The Tussler

The International Tussler Society (ITS) is Motorpsycho’s alter ego. In this name, the band released The Tussler, the soundtrack to a fictitious spaghetti western in 1994. Only 977 copies were made, and disappeared in no time. Now, the songs are available again, as well as ten extra tracks. Some have called the ITS the best kept secret in country & western, but rave reviews and unforgettable concerts have strengthened Motorpsycho’s reputations as one of Norway and Europe’s most exciting bands, 15 years after they started. The 21 tracks are a mixture of Motorpsycho’s own country songs and favourites from Flying Burrito Brothers and Grateful Dead. The quirky, downbeat, back to the countryside-sounds of banjo, mandolin, and steel guitar makes this a must-have album. As the tusslers themselves say about Waiting For the One, a Motorpsycho classic: “wish we had the balls the 1st time around as it’s much better than the original Motorpsycho/Demon Box’ version.”

Motorpsycho: The Tussler (Stickman Records)

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