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Music Information Centre Norway is the Norwegian section of the International Association of Music Information Centres IAMIC, which organizes 43 similar centres in 38 countries. IAMIC is an essential network when searching for information on the music scene in the respective membership countries.

IAMIC has annual conferences and also share a number of projects: Twice a year it publishes a Newsletter containing news and information from Music Information Centres around the world.

Every year IAMIC also publishes an Annual List for various instrumentations. The Annual List consist of recommended works from the individual member centres.Such lists have previously been produced for string quartet, percussion and saxophone quartet, while the 2003 list will devote itself wholly to piano music.

The largest joint project until now is the European Music Navigator, a search engine and webportal for all information on music gathered in the databases of the membership countries. European Music Navigator is expected to be launched in 2004.

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New acquisitions from the National Library (sheet music)

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