Sondre Lerche heads out on European tour

Sondre Lerche has built up a solid following in the US with his frequent tours there. Now, he directs his attention to the European audience with a string of dates in Ireland, Scotland, England and Italy before heading back to the US to support Elvis Costello.

Sondre Lerche 2004

Last year saw Sondre Lerche releasing his second album ‘Two Way Monologue’ to great critical acclaim in Europe and the US. Lerche has toured extensively in the US and Canada during the last three years, both as a solo act, with his trusted backing band The Faces Down and as a support act for artists Ed Harcourt and Elvis Costello.

Lerche has previously stated that he feels that he has somewhat neglected his European audience and that it was time to play some more gigs on the other side of the Atlantic. Now, Lerche is heading for Ireland, Scotland, England and Italy to play a string of dates for his devoted audience. Says Lerche on the upcoming tour

In April, Lerche heads out on yet another US tour, this time with one of his long-standing role models; Elvis Costello.

Proof of Lerche’s uncanny ability to spellbind his audience is found in the many rave live reviews following his many North American gigs. Said Rolling Stone’s Steven Florio after a 2004 gig at NYC’s Irving Plaza:

“For someone who writes such melancholy lyrics, Sondre Lerche sure has a great time onstage. On the opening night of his U.S. tour Monday at New York City's Irving Plaza, the mop-haired singer-songwriter from Norway was promoting his second album, Two Way Monologue as he smiled, danced, and swayed across the stage like a kid. Lerche filled the time between songs with witty banter, engaging the crowd to make it seem like they weren't at a concert, but rather hanging out with a friend as he showed them his latest songs, proving that he is as charming as he is talented…

…Despite his age, Lerche's music has a mature quality that some successful pop stars never quite obtain. But he remains grounded, offering a "thank you" after every song and making the audience feel important to him. It's his combination of innocence and skill that makes him so appealing. With his breathy vocals and dazzling guitar work -- complex yet not boastful -- Lerche is something special, an artist talented beyond his years who continues to head in the right direction.”

Currently, Lerche is based in Brooklyn, NYC where he has spent the last months working on new material. New tunes such as The Day I Die, Airport! Taxi! Reception! and Dancing in The Dusk are likely to appear on the setlist for Lerche’s upcoming tours.

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