Unni Wilhelmsen: Hurricane’s Eye

Listen to Norway continues with Unni Wilhelmsen: Hurricane’s Eye

Unni Wilhelmsen: (cover) Hurricane’s Eye

Every hurricane has a quiet place. Surrounded by boiling clouds, the hurricane’s eye stares back, tranquil and calm. It is not hard to understand why Unni Wilhelmsen decided to call her fifth album that. When you press “play”, and fall back in the chair to the tones of Everyone’s Honesty or Don’t Ask Me Why, it is easy to forget a busy schedule, traffic problems and bad weather. The red-haired singer/song writer has once again created songs that are mellow, emotional, and acoustic. Guitar, mouth organ, and strings accompany the ten well-produced songs. Wilhelmsen debuted in 1997 with the highly successful “To Whom It May Concern”, and was labeled a Norwegian Suzanne Vega or Joni Michell. After problems with her previous label, Poly Gram, she escaped from the hurricane, and started her own label St. Cecilia Music. Wilhelmsen has created her own quiet but melodic spot.

Unni Wilhelmsen: Hurricane’s Eye (St. Cecilia Music)

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