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Kristian Lindeman

Kristian Lindeman was born into a musical family on November 22nd 1942. His father and grandfather were both musicians. His great grandfather, Ludvig Mathias Lindeman, was a famous composer, organist and collector of folk music. (Most of Edvard Grieg's compositions are based on themes collected by L.M.Lindeman).

Kristian Lindeman was known mainly for writing pop songs for a variety of Norwegian artists and now he has shown that his roots are deeply entrenched in the fields of classical and "light music". He began his musical career as bass singer in a vocal group in the style of The Four Freshmen and The Hi-Lo's, later forming his own vocal group Those Five. He started writing songs for this group as well as for other celebrated Norwegian artists in the early sixties. Between 1969 and 1988 he participated seven times in the Norwegian final of the European Song Contest. His most celebrated song You made me feel I could fly won the Grand Prize at the World Popular Song Contest in Tokyo '74. He also received the prize for Best Song at the Castlebar International Song Festival in Ireland in 1979.

Kristian Lindeman composes music in his spare time. From 1974 - 1986 he was A&R manager at CBS Records Norway and at present he works for NRK (Norwegian Radio & TV) as presenter of the major national radio-chart programme for pop music as well as presenting other musical programmes and music news programmes.

However, in 1977 Kristian Lindeman started to write music of somewhat different style, and in 1992 these compositions materialized on the CD Lindeman Light. The very best of Norwegian classical musicians were featured on this record on which we can find two compositions, both to be honoured with Composition of the year" (Nocturne for piano 1991 and In my garden 1993)

At the 50th anniversary for The Four Freshmen in September 1998, he composed Ode to the Four Freshmen,which was recorded and presented for the 800 delegates of the FF Society during the evening.

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