Ewa Serafin - Biography

Ewa Serafin

Ewa Serafin was born in Poland in 1955, and she has been living in Norway since 1987. Serafin studied piano and composition at the music academy in Katowice in Poland, receiving her composition diploma in 1979 and a piano diploma in 1981.

Her compositions have been performed at contemporary music festivals in Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow), in Mannheim, Germany and in Norway.

She has received prizes at composition competitions in Poland (for Miniatures for piano and Sonore for piano). Twice she has been awarded prizes at competitions in Mannheim: in 1982 for Fantasie for Piano Quintet and in 1985 for II String Quartet. Her list of works contains music for all kinds of instrumentations.

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