Columbi Egg club nights

Accordionist and composer Gabriel Fliflet brings his unique folk music club night Columbi Egg to Førde. The original club concept in Bergen is one of the biggest scenes for folk music in Norway, also renowned for bringing in musicians from all over the world and creating a vibrant hot-spot, not just for folk musicians but for music lovers in general.

Gabriel Fliflet 2006

Gabriel Fliflet is something akin to a musical kaleidoscope: so many facets, so many emotions and so many different roots swirl around in his music and his projects. His is a special fingerspitzengefühl for the magic which is particular to folk and traditional music, and as a conveyor he has opened infinitely many ears to this magic.

Says Fliflet on his role as the Columbi Egg club host: ‘My role is not necessarily so visible, or audible. I help create a program in collaboration with the festival. I give advice as to which performers I think are best suited for the concept and I try to have a notion of communication and poetic strength in mind. The main characteristic of our audiences in Bergen is that everyone is genuinely interested in alternative music. Apart from that there are almost no common traits; it’s a really mixed crowd. We’ve quite simply become a scene where people know they get to hear music they won’t hear elsewhere. All the concerts, about half of which are with foreign acts, become very intimate experiences since we don’t have a stage, and they’re almost always full. The main criterion is that whoever is to play must be good, not only as musicians but also as live performers and communicators. That is part of our concept and what we’re known for.Further, I always try to have a notion of form and unity in mind, and also a degree of poetic energy. But really, I think that we’re very liberal and welcoming to all kinds of expressions. The only absolute condition is that the music must be a hundred percent acoustic, because that is integral to our definition of folk music: we want intimacy and to open up for those special, arresting experiences, for both musicians and audience.’

Columbi Egg – Fri 3 July 23:00- 01:00 – Restaurant Hugleik, Rica
Gjermund Larsen, Einar Olav Larsen (NOR)
Skáidi (NOR)
Muszikás (HUN)

Columbi Egg – Sat 4 July 23:00- 01:00 – Restaurant Hugleik, Rica
Sver (NOR/SWE)
Genticorum (CAN)
Nyckelharporkestern (SWE)

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