Dadafon: Harbour

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Dadafon's 'Harbour'.

Dadafon: Harbour (cover)

On their first album for a major label Norwegian band-sensation Dadafon confirm their reputation and deliver a rare piece of recorded music. Famed and acclaimed for a unique expression that has little affinity with any established genre, but rather has come to constitute its own, Dadafon’s latest album Harbour is an awesome display of frivolous and highly sophisticated artistry. The group explores musical realms and fusions with such self-esteem, fearlessness and unfailing originality that the listener is overwhelmed by this powerhouse of musicianship that deals volley after volley of fresh elements, unexpected turns and profound beauty. Centred around an extremely focused and percussive string section, Dadafon fuses African beats with jazz, classical strings, pop dynamics and enchanting melodies. The melange is spearheaded by the unique vocals of Kristin Asbjørnesen who oscillates between seductive whispers and volcanic eruptions of primal wailing. Couple the spectrum that is thus spanned with the beauty of the melodies and the extreme dynamism of the music, and you have described Dadafon.

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