Gluecifer: Basement Apes

MIC’s international promotion programme, Listen to Norway, continues with a new round of releases and profiles. We kick-start new Listen to Norway series with the kings of Norwegian rawk: Gluecifer and their latest album Basement Apes.

Gluecifer: Basement Apes

The Listen to Norway programme entails two yearly shipments of app. 30-35 titles that are shipped to more than 250 recipients all over the world. Journalists, organisations, libraries, embassies, promoters and other key figures are among the lucky few to receive two packages of fresh Norwegian sounds each year. Now you can join in on the frenzy as continues to profile each album.

Basement Apes
The kings of Norwegian rawk return with their strongest album ever. On Basement Apes Raldo Useless, Biff Malibu, Captain Poon, Stu Manx and Danny Young race through power-chords, unison riffs and massive anthems without ever losing focus. Make no mistake about it, this is all-out rawk but on their fourth album Gluecifer display a more diverse aspect of the band. The tempo is slowed down on some numbers and they even tear down bits of the guitar-wall to leave room for keys, backing vocals and percussion. Fear not, the hard-rockin’ five-piece is not about to go all emotional. Titles such as Shotgun Seat, Easy Living and Powertools and Piss speak for themselves – this is rawk with capital R. Plug in your imaginary Gibson SG into your equally imaginary Marshall stack for some wicked air-guitar solos as Gluecifer’s Captain Poon blasts away.

This summer, Gluecifer are scheduled to play the Working Class Hero and Raumarock festivals in Norway and there are also concrete plans for an autumn US tour.

At present, Gluecifer are in the studio working on their next album. The band seems to be making good progress and have according to press recorded thirteen tunes so far. The as of yet untitled album is scheduled for release January 2004.

Basement Apes is yet to be released in the US – the album is expected to be released in USA this autumn accompanied by a promotional tour.

Gluecifer are signed to Sony Music in Norway and internationally to SPV

News, tourdates and audio can be found at the official Gluecifer site.

Gluecifer: Basement Apes (Sony Music Entertainment EPC5075342)

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