Dimmu Borgir: Death Cult Armageddon

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Dimmu Borgir's monumental "Death Cult Armageddon"

Dimmu Borgir 2003_3 (Foto: Alf Børjeson)

Monumental. That’s one of the first words that spring to mind after having spent an hour accompanied by Dimmu Borgir’s “Death Cult Armageddon”. The band’s melodic and symphonic approach to the sinister genre of black metal allow Dimmu Borgir to reach tout to a wider audience in addition to their loyal global community of black-metal fans. With string assistance from the Philharmonic Orchestra Prague, Dimmu Borgir have created their strongest album yet. Dark, brooding sonic landscapes are coupled with aggressive guitar work, maniacal drumming and coarse, rough vocals from the depth of Shagrath’s throat. Propelled by double-bass drum pulses and walls of guitars the dark lyrics are underlined by effective use of strings and grandiose synth pads. It’s fast, aggressive, dark and (for some) offensive but also monumental, symphonic, grand and utterly impressive.

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