Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag

Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag is one of Norway’s leading Hardanger fiddle ensembles with several victories at national competitions, acclaimed releases and countless concerts to its credit.


One of Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag’s primary tasks is to recruit new members, thus contributing to the vital task of preserving an important piece of our cultural heritage. Several of the current top Norwegian folk music performers first cut their teeth among Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag’s ranks. The ensemble has also concentrated on maintaining local music traditions from the Sunnfjord area.

Over the years, the Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag has proved to be a mainstay at the Førde Folk Music Festival. Night after night, the energetic and lively ensemble has treated the audience to its irresistible dances and captivating sound.

Since its conception in 1969, Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag has won no less than 11 victories in the ensemble category at the national Norwegian folk music competition – Landskappleiken.

Traditional dance music at its best!

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