Popkomm showcase profile: Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye play the Frannz at the Kulturbrauerei on Wed. 29 September.

Hello Goodbye

Racing Junior act Hello Goodbye represent a fruitful union of Norwegian and Swedish members, bringing in the best from the Oslo and Gothenburg scenes. Hello Goodbye have released two albums to date and have toured frequently in Scandinavia and Europe. The band members, who include renowned solo artist Frode Fivel and Ricochets guitarist Alex Kloster-Jensen, have backgrounds in visual arts and a wide range of musical projects; resulting in a sound that’s truly integral and totally unique. Intense and challenging at times, Hello Goodbye also offer their very own take on melodic lines with the combined song writing talents in Frode's mesmerising pop tunes and vocalist Lisa Lundkvist’s more hysteric punk songs are undoubtedly important. Seeing them live also reveals another speciality. Their all standvery close to each other. Johannes Kanschat dancing behind his two drums, while Alex does his peculiar supersonic guitar posings. In front Frode sings and plays passionately, while Lisa's vocals inhabit extreme dynamics (from whisper to screaming), which also ensures a great experience when their singing together.

The band’s first album "Heart Attack" was met with rave reviews in the domestic press, with critics comparing the outfit with artists like the Velvet Underground, The Cramps, and The White Stripes. One review described the band by imagining The Velvet Underground playing songs by Dead Moon, or even the Sonics.

"Haunted Holiday" (2004) is the latest outing from the Norwegian/Swedish combo. The album draws upon their debut album, but with possibly even stronger songs, and a more complex and more thought through approach to it. Strong reviews in the domestic press and mounting international interest have followed in the wake of “Haunted Holiday’s” release.

Hello Goodbye play the Frannz at the Kulturbrauerei on Wed. 29 September.

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