Annie set for US campaign

After a successful European launch of her 'Anniema'’ album, Annie gears up for a US campaign. A New York Times article this week proclaims great hope for the Norwegian pop icon.

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The New York Times’ Jody Rosen recently visited Bergen to hook up with Norwegian pop icon Annie who is now poised for a hectic US campaign in support of her debut album ‘Anniemal’.

Writes Rosen on Annie’s first album: “…but what Annie lacks in bravura, she makes up for in songs. ‘Anniemal’ is a true album, strong from top to bottom, whose dozen quirky, infectious songs flit from electro to Motown-tinged disco to stark, twitchy R&B that will appeal to American palates. (Listeners may be tickled to hear a Norwegian trying the breakneck speed singing perfected by Beyoncé and R. Kelly.) Annie has a breathy wisp of a voice, and her vocal range is limited; but there is charm in her deadpan delivery, and her songwriting is full of the flair for melody for which Scandinavian pop is famous.”

In addition to highlighting the album’s first single, the major hit “Chewing Gum”, Rosen has high hopes for Annies’ next US single, “Hearbeat”:

“Smack in the middle of the album, sits Annie’s very own song for the ages. “Heartbeat” is unlike anything else on ‘Anniemal’: there are no electro pings, no rubbery synth bass lines or clattering drum machines and just the faintest hit of a keyboard. It’s Annie Unplugged, scored for a rock band setup – a gorgeous, yarning song about the thrill of newfound love that moves between a mild funk groove and charging garage rock. The song is scheduled as the first American single, and if it sounds a bit retrograde next to the sonically visionary hip-hop songs that dominates hit radio, it has a tune to beat just about anything out there.”

Annie is still not 100% confident with her newfound pop icon status: “It’s weird when people tell me that they like me but would never listen to Kylie Minogue or Britney. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m seen as, you know, somehow cool. My music is the pop that they’re allowed to like.” She smiles. “At least for the moment.”

Annie’s ‘Anniemal’ is scheduled for a US release through Big Beat/Atlantic on June 7.

Read the entire Annie article here

A free download that features Annie’s ‘Always Too Late” remixed by hot London production team Y£$ (who feature members of top remixers Solid Groove/Switch amongst their ranks) and whose previous credits include production for the likes of Lady Sovereign & M.I.A, can be downloaded here.

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