Margaret Boddy - Biography

Margaret Boddy, is British, but lives in Norway.

Says Margaret Boddy:

"In my opinion Laughter is nature's tonic and Music is food for the soul. I have been involved in music ever since my mother put my high chair up to the piano when I was eighteen months old and allowed me to drive her mad with the noise. At the age of seven I started piano lessons and continued taking lessons with a succession of teachers, but was never sufficiently interested in the piano to practice enough to become a concert pianist. I was much more interested in singing.

After hearing and seeing Jean Sterling Mackinlay's recital when I was eight years old, at the Leith Hill Musical Festival's childrens concert I decided that was what I was going to do when I grew up. In my teens I belonged to several choirs and after one session the conductor asked if I had ever thought of having my voice trained and offered to take me at reduced fees. This offer I accepted.

I entered for various festivals including London where I was a prize winner and after one session at Woking Festival Dr. Herbert Howells asked what I intended to do, at his recommendation my teacher wrote to Jean Sterling Macinlay and I became her pupil. I then started on a very successful career hindered somewhat by the second world war but continued until 1957 when my health made it necessary for me to cancel two years engagements. After a huge operation I no longer had the stamina to follow the life of a professional singer. Because I loved singing I became the pupil of Dr. Ernst Sommer from Vienna. Later I switched to the study of music theory and took examinations in that subject. During my first theory lesson I was told that music theory has a grammar in the same way that a language has. The first chord is the knock at the door, the cadence at the end is when you say goodbye.

Therefore many people consider my music old fashioned."

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