Anders Clemmens Ĝien: Romanza

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Anders Clemmens Ĝien: Romanza. Ĝien is the young classical guitarist who won the prestigious Andrés Segovia Guitar Competition in 2003.

Anders Clemmens Ĝien: (cover) Romanza

Grieg on guitar is not a very common combination. But Anders Clemmens Ĝien is not the ordinary guitarist either. Only 27 old, he won the first prize in the Andrés Segovia Guitar Competition last year, the most prestigious competition for classical guitarists. His skills are developed in close guidance by guitar master Alex Garrobë, whom the young Norwegian has studied with in Spain. Romanza is Ĝien’s debut album, and he delivers what the title promise, romantic pieces from Norway and Catalonia, Spain. With grace and precision, he interprets Edvard Grieg’s Aases dĝd, as well as Scherzo-vals by Miguel Llobet. Ĝien’s expressive performance style is matched by elegant arrangements by Arne Brattland, Miguel Llobet, and Fransisco Tárrega. Totally 32 cuts on the record should give the listener a good idea of this classical guitarist’s qualities.

Anders Clemmens Ĝien: Romanza (Finnskogen kulturverksted)

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