Per Anders Buen Garnås: Åleine

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Per Anders Buen Garnås’ excellent solo Hardanger fiddle album Åleine.

Per Anders Buen Garnås 2003

Åleine is Per Anders Buen Garnås’ debut album as a solo performer. However, Garnås is no debutante as a Hardanger fiddle player – his young age belies his abilities, which places him up there with the best performers on this difficult-to-master instrument. Garnås is a seasoned performer who has brought out the rich musical heritage from his native Telemark county to a wider audience in Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Europe and the US. Garnås has won numerous awards for his performances, and this complete command of the Hardanger fiddle is evident throughout the duration of Åleine. This is a true solo-album: the only featured performer and instrument is Garnås and his trusty fiddle. A true testament to the soloists abilities is the simple fact that Garnås manages to capture the listeners attention from Åleine’s start to the very end.

Per Anders Buen Garnås: Åleine (Nyrenning NYCD2)

Per Anders Buen Garnås’ own web-site can be found here.

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