Vamp: Månemannen

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Vamp: Månemannen

Vamp: (cover) Månemannen

Månemannen is Vamp’s eight album, and as on previous releases, the rich lyrical content is performed with a colourful and multi-faceted west-Norwegian dialect. Such renowned writers as Ingvar Hovland, Hans Børli, Harald Sverdrup, Ottar Engtrø, Håvard Rem and Nils Ferlin contribute words to an album that’s varied and strong. The general mood ranges from melancholic ballads to up-tempo and humorous tunes – all of it tied together by the strong lyrics and rich arrangements. Telling a fascinating and rewarding story has always been one of the bands primary aims – most will agree that Vamp have succeeded on this with “Månemannen”.

Vamp: Månemannen (MajorStudio AS - MSCD 1152-B)

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