Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011

The 2011 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival kicks off this week with a programme rife with Norwegian content.

Beginning last year, Norwegian music holds a prominent position on the roster of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF) for three year duration.

The festival collaborates closely with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London and MIC Norway to create a strong programme featuring composers, ensembles and performers that showcase the strength and diversity of Norwegian contemporary music. For the last decade, the festival has featured a long list of Norwegian performers and composers, perhaps most notably accordionist Frode Haltli and composer Rolf Wallin.

For the 2011 opening night, accordionist Frode Haltli and the Trondheim Soloists are set to perform Danish Bent Sørensen’s It is Pain Flowing Down Slowly on a White Wall. At the same concert Arne Nordheim’s Nachruf, part of the Norwegian canon, will be played alongside Nils Henrik Asheim’s Chase for two orchestral groups.

Another key event is the first HCMF visit of Cikada and conductor Christian Eggen. Ever since the foundation in 1989, this ensemble has been a backbone in the Norwegian contemporary music scene. The fact that two of their concerts are dedicated to the Danish composer Bent Sørensen mirrors a long-term cooperation; Cikada has twelve of his works in their repertory. In addition to the works by the great Dane, one of Cikada’s performances combines Norwegian composer Eivind Buene works with English Laurence Crane’s. Buene’s two pieces belong to the chamber music cycle Possible Cities/Essential Landscapes, conceptions related to Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities, with poetical meditations on construction, decline, human creativity and the inevitable forces of nature. Cikada will also perform Lene Grenager: Nachts, based on poems by Georg Trakls and P.C.Asbjørnsen, both having a mystical/mythical picture of night.

The ensemble Asamisimasa visits HCMF with thirteen UK premieres by Danish Simon Steen-Andersen, with whom they have long standing cooperation. The guitarist of the ensemble, Anders Førisdal, also has his own concert with der blauäugige fremde by the Austian composer, Klaus Lang.

A Norwegian composer, who was well received at last year’s festival, was Trond Reinholdtsen with a project in his series Den norske opra. This year he is back with a continuation; the solo piano opera, Faust, or The Decline of Western Music has its world premiere on November 24. On the same day the cellist Arne Deforce plays Psi by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, another very recent piece, premiered in Royamont in September. The work was commissioned as a “relecture” of Iannis Xenakis’ Nomos Alpha, that is going to be played in the same concert.

The Norwegian electronic music studio NOTAM has a close relationship with the Centre for Research of New Music at Huddersfield University. This year sees the institution presenting a concert where English Rose Dodd composes a work for Britt Pernille Frøholm, who plays the Norwegian folk instrument Hardanger fiddle. She frequently works with contemporary composers, which has made her find new ideas of using her instrument. At the same concert works by Cecilie Ore and Anders Vinjar will be presented.

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The Norwegian Programme at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011

Friday 18 November

St Paul's Hall, 7PM

Arne Nordheim Nachruf
Aaron Jay Kernis Musica Celestis
Bent Sørensen It is pain flowing down slowly on a white wall UK Premiere
Nils Henrik Asheim Chase

Trondheim Soloists
Frode Haltli accordion

Saturday 19 November
St. Paul's Hall, 3PM

Lene Grenager Nachts UK Premiere
Robin de Raaff Ennea's Domein
James Dillon Oslo/Triptych UK Premiere

Cikada Ensemble

Sunday 20 November
St. Paul's Hall, 12PM

Eivind Buene Possible Cities UK Premiere
Eivind Buene Landscape With Ruins UK Premiere
Laurence Crane Riis
Laurence Crane Estonia
Laurence Crane Four Miniatures

Cikada Ensemble

Monday 21 November
Phipps Hall, 10PM

Improvisations on Bent Sørensen's Funeral Processions UK Premiere

Cikada Point 4:
Kenneth Karlsson piano / indian harmonium
Bjørn Rabben percussion
Jon Balke piano / syntheziser
Ingar Zach percussion

Tuesday 22 November
Town Hall, 3PM

Bent Sørensen Shadowplay UK Premiere

Cikada Ensemble
Trio Aristos

Wednesday 23 November
Phipps Hall, 10PM

Cecilie Ore Etapper
Denis Smalley Spectral Lands (hcmf// co-commission) World Premiere
Rose Dodd mobius ii World Premiere
Anders Vinjar TBA

Britt Pernille Frøholm hardanger fiddle
Monty Adkins, Rose Dodd & Denis Smalley diffusion
Cato Lagnes sound design

Thursday 24 November
St Paul's Hall, 12PM

Iannis Xenakis NOMOS ALPHA
Ruben Sverre Gjertsen PSI UK Premiere
James Dillon EOS
Iannis Xenakis KOTTOS

Arne Deforce cello

Thursday 24 November
Phipps Hall, 3PM

Trond Reinholdtsen Faust, or The Decline of Western Music World Premiere

Mark Knoop piano

Friday 25 November

Phipps Hall, 4PM

Klaus Lang der blauäugige fremde UK Premiere

Anders Førisdal 10-string guitar

Saturday 26 November

Bates Mill, 10:30PM

Simon Steen-Andersen
Next To Beside Besides #0+4
Run Time Error v. 1
Study for String Instrument #2
Self-reflecting Next To Beside Besides #5+8
Study for String Instrument #3
Run Time Error v. 2
On And Off And To And Fro
Half a Bit of Nothing Integrated
Self-reflecting Next To Beside Besides #10
Run Time Error v. 3
All UK Premieres

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