Sinikka Langeland: Runoja

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Sinikka Langeland's Runoja

Sinikka Langeland: (cover) Runoja

Sinikka Langeland is an undisputed master of and Norway’s central performer on the kantele – the Finnish harp. Langeland hails from the Finnskogen – The Finnish Forest – area in south-eastern Norway, an area that represents a rich and vital musical tradition with strong ties to Finland. Langeland’s pan-Scandinavian background is mirrored in her music which features Norwegian and Finnish folk music, rune songs and medieval ballads. On Runoja Langeland brings in a highly competent crew of some of Norway’s finest jazz musicians to record interpretations of ancient rune songs from the Finnish Forest tradition. The expression on Runoja is rich and powerful and creates a strong linkage to the cultural heritage Finnish immigrants brought with them to Norway.

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