Datarock returns to North America

Datarock returns to Canada and the US for spring and summer dates with Ladytron.

Datarock 2007

This spring and summer will see Bergen’s BMX-racing, tracksuit-wearing dance-rock maestros Datarock heading out on yet another North American tour. A number of the outfit’s US/Canadian live dates will be played alongside UK act Ladytron.

“Many moons ago, atop one of seven mountains surrounding a picturesque Norwegian countryside, two scruffy-faced individuals-Fredrik Saroea and the man known simply as Ket-Ill-made a pact to alter the face of contemporary music as we know it by single-handedly transforming themselves into what they called the peak of pop evolution … “

So begins the saga of Datarock, the Bergen based duo in matching red tracksuits. Influenced by Talking Heads and Happy Mondays, Datarock has gained a lot of attention for their electronic dance tunes, both in Norway and abroad.

This summer, they have devoted to the U.S. - where they will be playing everywhere from New Orleans to New York. They’re also teaming up with the Liverpool based electroclash/electropop band Ladytron and joining them as opening band for their U.S. tour.

Ladytron’s fourth album, “Velocifero”, which is said to “fully transcend the confines of electro-pop with a fresh wave of distorted Soul,” will be released on June 3. The extensive tour is set to start on May 20 in Edmonton, will work its way down the West Coast of the Canada and the U.S., travel across the South, and up through the Midwest and then Northeast before ending in Ottawa on July 5.

Watch Datarock’s Fa-Fa-Fa video here

Click here to create your very own remix of Datarock’s I Used to Dance With My Daddy

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