1300 Oslo: Live In the North

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with 1300 Oslo’s Live In the North album.

Listen to a 30 second clip of 1300 Oslo’s Magic Carpet Ride
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1300 Oslo - Live in The North cover

Several of Norway’s most prominent jazz musicians gather to give you this spirited live recording. Comprising no less than eleven musicians, this ensemble is as vibrant and energetic as they come. The band, which has existed more or less since 1979, has been through several phases and constellations. 1300 Oslo has been a musical home and a channel for expression for many of Norway’s finest jazz performers and the current version is no exception. Complementing 1300 Oslo’s vibrant and energetic appearance, world-renowned Oslo club Blå was chosen as the recording venue. The high level of both compositional and improvisational skills is showcased as the musicians move through seven compositions penned by band members.

Strong tunes and flawless playing – it’s the good stuff.

1300 Oslo's albums are released on one of Norway's leading jazz labels: Curling Legs.

Go to the Curling Legs site to experience some of the finest improvised music released in Norway.

1300 Oslo: Live In the North (Curling Legs / Musikkoperatørene – CLP CD 63)

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