Sergeant Petter: It’s a record

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Sergeant Petter: It's a record

Sergeant Petter

Singer-songwriter Sgt. Petter is one of the foremost exponents for the so-called Bergen wave. Sgt. Petter shares some characteristic traits with fellow Bergen acts: musical integrity, mature songwriting, strong sense of melody and a solid dose of charm. Operating within the vein, Sgt. Petter writes tunes that belie his tender age – you could be forgiven for guessing his age was quite a few years older that his actual 27 years. Traditional elements in the form of steel-guitars, banjos and a Hammond Organ anchor the release solidly in the Americana tradition, but Sgt. Petter’s flirting with pop-music dating from the last decades provides new and fresh musical impulses that push the tunes forward with youthful energy and creativity. From twangy stomps to swaying ballads, Sgt. Petter holds it all together.

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