Lorraine hit the Autobahn

Bergen based collective Lorraine hit the German roads in support of their recently released acclaimed debut "The Perfect Cure" out now in Europe.


Lorraine released their debut, “The Perfect Cure” on the domestic market last year, and the album is now set for European release via their label, Rec90’s partners.
A few words on the band gleamed from the Rec 90 site:

“Lorraine have been described as an electronic rock'n roll band. Although the members are only twenty years of age, their music is filled with plenty of references to the modern rock and electronica scene. Lorraine have been compared with all kinds of artists. In other words: They sound like everything you've already heard, and they sound like nothing you've ever heard… In Norway the press have been throwing superlatives at Lorraine's first album. The Perfect Cure is produced by Bjarte Ludvigsen and is mixed by Nille Perned (The Wannadies, Bob Hund and Kent).

The sound of The Perfect Cure is both delicate and sophisticated, raw and primitive.

Lorraine have already done lot of concerts in Europe, but will be touring more when The Perfect Cure is released. In 2003 they have done approximately 100 concerts in countries like France, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany and Norway. Lorraine has reputation as a very good live band. They have also managed to play at both PopKomm and In The City during the year.

Lorraine are signed to Rec 90 in Bergen, Norway. Rec 90 is the label behind releases of amongst Magnet, Poor Rich Ones, William Hut and Sister Sonny.”

The Lorraine German tour kicked off on May 11 and lasts until the 22nd.

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