Lene Marlin comeback?

Norway’s biggest international success since A-Ha, Lene Marlin is set for a comeback. A follow up to her multi-million selling Playing My Game is expected in the first half of 2003.

Lene Marlin

The news coming through from Lene Marlin’s record company, EMI/Virgin Norway, is sparse. All that’s stated is that the young songwriter has started the studio sessions for what will be the follow-up to 1999 extremely successful Playing My Game album. There’s no release date as of yet, and no plans for neither touring nor international activity have been made official.

Playing My Game went double platinum in Norway earning her several Norwegian Grammies and two No. 1 singles, Unforgivable Sinner and Sitting Down Here. The international release was equally as successful, resulting in Unforgivable Sinner reaching top 5 in the UK and No. 1 in several European countries. The album spent 49 weeks in the UK national charts, and accumulated international sales exceeded 1.3 million copies.

The transition from being an average teenage schoolgirl in north-of-arctic-circle town Tromsø to achieving international stardom was immense for Marlin. With intense media attention and hectic promotion activities taking its toll, Marlin and her management and record label elected to step down and quiet things down a bit. Consequently, it’s been some quiet three years for the Norwegian songstress. Given her announced comeback, expectations are high and the question raised by many is; will she make it again?

Mic.no/english will return with more specific news as the release of the album approaches.

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