Tore Brunborg Quartet: Gravity

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Tore Brunborg Quartet’s 'Gravity'.

Tore Brunborg Quartet: Gravity (cover)

Tore Brunborg enjoys a central and distinguished position in Norwegian jazz. For more than twenty years he has been executing his craft as saxophonist in a diversity of high level projects. For the nestors of jazz, both in Norway and abroad, he has been a much sought after soloist throughout most of his career. On his latest record Gravity, he has gathered an impressive team from the pinnacle of Norwegian jazz. It includes one of Norwegian jazz’ prime exports over the past few years; Bugge Wesseltoft on the piano, as well as renowned bass player Lars Danileson and the versatile Anders Engen on drums. Gravity features Brunborg as composer and soloist, and the record clearly discloses the personal focus of the project. At the same time the interplay and dynamic of the band constitutes a rich and enabling horizon from which details and moments bearing Brunborg’s signature are allowed to pop out. The image of the horizon might serve as a description of the record as such, for it has something of the serenity and appeasement of the horizon to it; a distance which opens up and contributes delicate clarity and possibility. Brunborg’s music is intense and stark in a quiet and contemplative way. Melodic and haunting, but as if belonging to high strata where the air is thin and one cannot multitask but must focus. It belongs to the horizon and simultaneously to immediate presence, but nowhere in between.

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