Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra set to tour Austria and Croatia

On October the 15th, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra departed from Bergen, Norway and headed out to Bregenz, Austria where they started their eight-day tour in Austria and Croatia, playing a total of seven concerts.

Egil Hovland

Bergen Philharmonic Orcestra was established in 1765, thus making it one of the oldest orchestras in Europe. It’s known as one of Norway’s finest orchestras, and in 1996 it attained the status of National Symphony Orchestra together with The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Orchestra continues to have an active recording and touring schedule, and has in recent years played concerts in Japan, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, and Austria just to name a few.

So now they are off to Austria again, but this time they have a special treat for the Austrians. On tour, they have brought with them percussionist Martin Grubinger. This prodigy is only 19 years old, and is one of Austrias most beloved classical musicians. He has won a number of international contests, played at several festivals and is currently establishing a career as a solo-artist.

Bergen Philharmonic Orcestra is proud to present their October tour programme which consist of crowdpleasers such as the wonderful music by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, because it seems foreign ears will never tire of his music. The orchestr will tour with two different programmes. The first includes Egil Hovland's Fanfare and Choral in addition to Grieg's famous piano concerto in A-minor featuring Håvard Gimse in the solo part. Whereas the second includes multiple compositions to Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

The Orchestra will play 4 dates in Austria, in Bregenz, Salsburg, Vienna and Graz respectivly. The tour ends in Zagreb in Croatia on the 23rd of October. The concerts are conducted by the brilliant Spanish Rafael Frünbeck de Burgos. He has worked with many prestigeous orchestras, such as the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. He is currently head conductor of the radio Symphony Orchestra in Berlin.

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