Fred Jonny Berg - Biography

Fred Jonny Berg (2009)

Born: 27.05.1973

  • Composer
  • Textwriter
  • Musician
  • Artist
  • Arranger
  • Producer
  • Stage manager
  • Poet
  • Lecturer
  • Teacher
  • Manager

  • Composer / author in the entreprise Fred Jonny Berg
  • Owner & managing director in the production company Symbiophonic Ltd.

Member of:
  • NOPA - Society of Composers and Lyricists
  • TONO -the Norwegian Performing Right Society
  • GRAMART - Association of Recording Artists

Composing activities:
  • Berg's catalogue of works comprises about 200 titles, more than 70 opuses, including works for e.g. piano, flute, violin, viola, cello, contrabass and orchestral works like piano concertos and symphonic poems.
  • His works are premiered by Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Emily Beynon, Catherine Beynon, Sir James Galway, Leonard Slatkin, National Symphony Orchestra, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, Pori Sinfonia, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Tansikoulo Sara, Wolfgang Plagge, Ari Rasilainen, Christian Gansch, Michael Angell, Frøydis Ree Wekre, Tom Ottar Andreassen, Tormod Knapp, Harald Aadland, Katharina Hager, Roger Arve Vigulf, Geir Henning Braaten, Gaute Vikdal, Knut Erik Sundquist, Silke Avenhaus, Arctic Brass, KammeRana, Vefsn-ensemblet, Divisjonsmusikken i Harstad, Arvid Engegård, Joachim Knoph, Ørnulf Lillebjerka and Håvard Daae Rognli.

Text- and music related publications:
  • 1990-2006 Solo-, chamber-, ensemble- and orchestral music, electroacoustic music and a large number of folk songs. Sheet music available through Music Information Centre Norway and Symbiophonic Ltd.
  • 1993 Composer, textwriter, arranger and producer of the MC Kornåld Music 000001 Slurvebingen.
  • 1994 Composer, textwriter, arranger and producer of FJB CD 9401 Muligens.
  • 1999 Composer, textwriter, arranger and producer of 3 CD releases: FJB CD 9901 ”Flyktning i vakker motstand” (folk song), FJB CD 9902 Den Store Slurvebingen (folk songs & poems) and FJB CD 9903 Pictures before an Exhibit (electroacoustic / synthesizer). Distribution: Musikkoperatørene Ltd.
  • 2000 Composer and producer of the chamber music record FJB CD 0001 Seasons of Life (with a.o. Wolfgang Plagge, piano). Distribution: Musikkoperatørene Ltd.
  • 2001 Composer, textwriter, arranger and producer of FJB CD 0101 Stille, Stille (folk song). Distribution: Musikkoperatørene AS.
  • 2002 Composer and producer of FJB CD 0201 About my Grandfather (Norwegian Radio ORchestra - Ari Rasilainen, cond - Joachim Knoph, piano). Distribution: Musikkoperatørene Ltd.
  • 2003 Composer and producer of the work Circle Within op.61 for Nordnorsk Lederutvikling.
  • 2004 Manuscript of the music and fiction film Vicino alla Montagna.
  • 2005 Commission for OLSOK-festivalen.
  • 2006 A number of commissions and performances in progress. A.o. the work Flute Mystery op.66a, dedicated to the flutist Sir James Galway.

Film / Video:
  • 1993 Composers of – and actor in the short film En fast avtale (manus: Axel Hellstenius). Amateur production.
  • 2002 Manager, manus writer, composer , and producer of the film Montagna con Forza. (Symbiophonic AS in co-production with Merkur Film Ltd v/ Petter Vennerød). Shown at Tromsø International Film Ffestival. Distribution: Symbiophonic Ltd.
  • 2003 Focused in the documentary "A Nature Symphony Making" – presenting the production of the films Montagna con Forza and About my Grandfather (Management / photo: News on Request - NOR Lts. Att. Tomas Evjen. Producer: Symbiophonic Ltd).
  • 2003 Manager, script writer, composer, and producer of the pilot to the film Vicino alla Montagna (Symbiophonic Ltd).
  • 2004 Manager, script writer, composer, and acting producer of High Definition (HD)-recording of the film Vicino alla Montagna.
  • 2006 Cut, production and management of a trailer to the film mentioned above.

Activities and artist and musician:
  • 1986-1990 Conductor, instructor and pianist in Rognan Musikklag, with a number of concerts in the County of Nordland.
  • 1987-2003 Concerts as a folk singer in a number of venues in Northern Norway.
  • 1991-1993 + 1995 Basso in the choir Con Brio (Bodø). Concerts and productions for the Norwegian Broadcasting Co.
  • 1992 Studio musician and choral arranger (song, synthesizer) at the CD Ada Vada: Just Another Story (Watermusic).
  • 1993 Studio musician (synthesizer) at the CD Art by Machinery: Art by Machinery (Voices of Vonder).
  • 2000 Drawing and layout of the cover to Schtimm The Alcoholovefi Collection (Clearpass).
  • 2004/2006 Arranger for Schtimm, CD (strings, brass quintet).

  • 1991-2002 Teacher in the municial school of music (violin, piano, e-organ), primary school (music, Norwegian, English), and in choral conducting
  • 1999-2006 Perfomances of the concept The Creative Soul (lectures, teaching, entertainment) at Nordnorsk Lederutvikling, the College of Bodø, The Nordland Hospital a.o.

  • 1981-1992 Pupial at the Saltdal Municipal School of Music in e-organ, violin, double bass and piano.
  • 1993-1994 Røros Film- and Theater workshop, where he has also acted as a musical director, which includes performance at piano / guitar / singing in various performances, music instruction, and composing.
  • 1996 Studies of Nordic literature
  • 2000 Examen Philosophicum Part I

Additional practice:
  • 1987-1994 Employee in Radio Saltdal A/L. The music program Ad Libitum and the humour program Ambrosius. Technician and producer of a number of direct transmissions and recordings..
  • 1987-1988 Course in local radio production at Fredheim Folkehøgskole: Interview technique, technician work and journalism.
  • 1991 Conducting course (with Cathedral Cantor in Bodø, Magne Hansen).
  • 1991-1993 Recording of app. 200 folk tunes from various sound and written sources.
  • 1992 Course in the library and database program Mikro-marc (Oslo).
  • 1998 Production of the booklet Folkemusikk fra Indre Salten.
  • 2001 Responsible for production of the materials for at booklet on the immigration from Saltdal to Amerika, and a booklet on boat building traditions in Saltdal.

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